VEJ 2014 Reader’s Choice Awards

VEJ 2014 Reader’s Choice Awards


Favorite educational sim/site in Second Life

EdTech Island


Favorite virtual world environment and/or game

World of Warcraft


Favorite “NEW” virtual environment



Best architectural design/build in a virtual world



Avatar/person who taught, inspired, or helped you the most in virtual worlds/games

Chris Luchs – Kuwapi & Abacus Capallini


Favorite 2014 educational event in a virtual environment/game

Inevitable Betrayal Weekend Webinars


Favorite “go to” place for information about what is happening in virtual worlds

Inevitable Betrayal Google + Community


Favorite virtual world store or place to shop

SL Marketplace


Favorite virtual musician/band/DJ in a virtual world

Lightning Productions – Coz Okelly


Favorite Musical Venue in a virtual world

Magz Blues Club at the Iron Cloud


Favorite creative fashion designer

Shaomai House of Fashion


Favorite virtual world designer other than fashion

Vassili Giannoutsos (R), Bluebarker Lowtide (SL)


Mary O’Brien (R), Serena Offcourse/Zinnialuna (SL)



Favorite museum or educational build in a virtual environment

Caledon Oxbridge tutorial, Particle Laboratory


Favorite place to “hang” in a virtual world with your friends

Inevitable Betrayal Guild


Caledon Oxbridge tutorial, Particle Laboratory



Favorite theme build in a virtual environment

1920s Berlin Project


Best Virtual World Blog

Grid Jumper


Best educational conference/workshop/webinar/hangout/professional learning activity in a virtual world

Inevitable Betrayal Weekend Webinars


VWBPE2014 (Virtual Worlds Best Practices In Education)


Favorite Machinima

HAE’s Potter Adventure


Grid’s Anatomy of a Wipe



Favorite Online 3D Virtual Game

World of Warcraft


Favorite Educational Gaming Guild

Inevitable Betrayal


Favorite VEJ Article for 2013 – 2014

On Becoming a Guild: Interview with Chris Luchs by Tanya Martin


“An Interview With Gord Holden” by Scott Merrick


Favorite VEJ photo for 2013-2014

VEJ Cover April 2014 Vassili Giannoutsos (RL), Bluebarker Lowtide (SL) (Photo) and Bob Vojtek (RL), BJ Gearbox (SL) Design



Most innovative use of a virtual world

Inevitable Betrayal Educators’ Gaming Guild


Favorite Professional Development recording

Inevitable Instructors State of the Guild


Favorite Virtual World or Game Charity Event

Running of Gnomes for Breast Cancer Awareness


Relay for Life 2014, Second Life